The EAU21 Virtual Congress will take place from 8-12 July 2021, offering a five-day, cutting-edge scientific programme. EAU21 includes plenary, game-changing, thematic, award, abstract and video sessions and will be complemented with ESU courses and industry sessions.

This year EAU21 will combine remote speakers and participants with moderation and discussion (where possible) in a live studio environment. This has the benefit of more interaction during panel discussions and a more engaging viewing experience for delegates.

Although the congress was meant to be taking place in Milan, due to COVID it has now been re-organised and the event is set to be virtual.

The team at Urology Clinics Manchester are presenting the following at this years EAU:

  • Saphenous sparing ascending video-endoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection (VEILND-AS+) using a leg approach: Surgical technique, perioperative and pathological outcomes.
  • Radical hemiscrotectomy and en-block orchidectomy: Surgical technique, perioperative and oncologic outcomes of a supra-regional UK referral centre.
  • Outcomes in men undergoing complex circumcision: An aid to consent and litigation.
  • Treatment options and outcomes of men with Penile Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PeIN): A systematic review.
  • Localised activation of the EMT switch by peri-neural invading epithelial cells in prostate cancer.
  • Systematic treatments: How to choose the right treatment for the right patient.
  • Actualising new models of healthcare service delivery in prostate cancer.
  • Workstream 3: Rare oncological urology and metrics: Our road to success.
  • Penile and testis cancer.
  • Challenges in genital cancer surgery.

We are grateful to be able to present at this years EAU Congress.