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The bladder and urethra are part of the urinary system. The bladder is a muscular sac located in the pelvis. This balloon shaped organ expands as it fills with urine.

While the rate of urine entering the bladder cannot be controlled, a healthy person can control when they urinate to empty the bladder.

During urination the bladder empties through the urethra, a tube located at the bottom of the bladder.

Urology Clinics Manchester cover conditions and treatments associated with the bladder and urethra including:

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Mr Karyee Chow

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Aziz Gulamhusein

Consultant Urological and Robotic Surgeon

Mr Maurice Lau

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Matthew Liew

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Jeremy Oates

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Vijay Ramani

Consultant Urological Surgeon