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The prostate is a walnut shaped gland that is part of the male sex organs. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder.

The function of the prostate is to produce fluid that goes into semen, therefore it is important for a man’s ability to father children.

Urology Clinics Manchester specialises in all aspects of urology relating to the prostate including:

Prostate specialists at Urology Clinics Manchester

Meet the team of prostate specialists at Urology Clinics Manchester, who are leaders within their field and here to help you.

Mr Karyee Chow

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Aziz Gulamhusein

Consultant Urological and Robotic Surgeon

Mr Maurice Lau

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Matthew Liew

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Jeremy Oates

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Vijay Ramani

Consultant Urological Surgeon