This week is men’s health week (14th-20th June 2021). While the focus is on men’s mental health, we also think it is important that we talk about men’s physical health. Since lockdown last year the way we see our GPs has changed. We hope to answer some of your men’s health questions that you may not have answers to. Simple, yet very important!

  1. Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss and changes to sexual behaviours may be caused by a low level of testosterone. This can be easily diagnosed with a blood test!

  2. An enlarged prostate, medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is not a warning sign of cancer. It can however cause uncomfortable symptoms such as pain when urinating or urinary incontinence.

  3. Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer for men in the UK. When caught early it can be very treatable. Always attend your prostate examinations!

  4. Erectile dysfunction should not be considered normal and is not something that comes with age. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction it is important that you speak to a medical professional about possible causes and treatment.

  5. Men between the ages of 20-40 are most likely to have a tumour that is caused by testicular cancer. It is important that you carry out self-examinations and go and get any changes checked out.

  6. A prostate specific antigen (PSA) test can pick up inflammation and even cancer of the prostate by looking at the levels of protein in the blood. It is important that you have this test annually.


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This article is intended to inform and give insight but not treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a doctor. Always seek medical advice with any questions regarding a medical condition.