Are you a man who does not wish to have children or extend your existing family further? If you answer with a yes, you may want to consider getting a vasectomy. At Urology Clinics Manchester our specialists team of urologists will guide you through the vasectomy process with care and ensure you understand how to prepare for a vasectomy.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is procedure a man will undergo when he does not want to impregnate a woman. In essence, it is an effective form of male birth control. It is also permanent. During the procedure, an experienced urologist will ensure that sperm won’t leave the penis when a patient has sexual intercourse.

How to prepare for a vasectomy

Your urologist (or a member of their team) will briefly review your history and medications, and will discuss the surgery again with you to confirm your consent. If you are scheduled to have your vasectomy under general anaesthetic, you must not eat, drink, nor smoke for 6-8 hours before the procedure. The anaesthetist will also discuss pain relief after the procedure with you. We usually provide you with a pair of compression stockings to wear. These help to prevent blood clots from developing and passing into your lungs. Your medical team will decide whether you need to continue these after you go home.

How to prepare for a vasectomy post operatively

You may feel sore for a few days. It is advised that you should rest for at least a day. Complete recovery is expected in less than a week.

  • Apply ice packs intermittently to the scrotum the night of your vasectomy and as much as possible the following day. Do not apply for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Remove all dressings–except one or two clean gauze pads–from inside the athletic supporter after 24 hours. Continue using the athletic supporter for one week.
  • Cover the incisions with one or two clean gauze pads regularly for three days after surgery.  A small amount of blood on the gauze pads is normal. Tell your doctor if you have excessive bleeding or need to change the gauze pads more than two or three times daily.
  • You may shower 24 hours after your vasectomy. Afterwards, keep the area of the incision clean and dry.
  • Refrain from intercourse/ejaculation for one week.  Ejaculation may cause some discomfort in the groin and testicles until the tissues heal.
  • You may return to work and resume normal, non-strenuous activity in about two days or 48 hours. Activities such as weight lifting and jogging should not be resumed for a minimum of one week.
  • Note:  Absorbable stitches are used for closure of the wound and do not necessitate removal.
  • You will likely have some postoperative discomfort; complications are rare but can occur.

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