Back in November Mr Vijay Ramani was asked to chair and present along with Professor Noel Clarke at the BAUS 2 day Oncology meeting in Brighton.

The annual meeting aims to improve standards and quality of practice within the sub-speciality of urological cancer by promoting training, research and development in this area.

Abstracts of the event covered the following topics:

  • General urology / Male LUTS / Emergency/Trauma
  • Female urology & bladder dysfunction
  • Bladder cancer diagnosis & treatment
  • History of urologyRenal cancer / Testis cancer / Sarcoma
  • Stones  / Imaging / Upper tract disorders
  • Basic science
  • Management / Governance /Education / Quality improvement
  • Prostate cancerAndrology / Penile cancer / Reconstruction
  • Challenges during training “When things go wrong”

Mr Vijay Ramani presented an interesting lecture on testis cancers and Professor Noel Clarke presented a lecture on pelvic cancers where Mr Ramani was a part of the expert panel.

If you are interested in reading the presentations from our consultants these can be found here:

Mr Vijay Ramani can be downloaded under Thursday 21st November at 13:45-15:30 and Professor Noel Clarke can be downloaded under Friday 22nd November at 11:15-12:30.