Benign prostate hyperplasia or enlargement, which can also be referred to as BPE, is a medical condition that affects men only causes enlargement of the prostate.

When you have an enlarged prostate, you may experience unpleasant symptoms which you don’t want to talk about. Your urologist is here to help and has the information and expertise you need. The experts at Urology Clinics Manchester offers a wide range of urology services, including diagnosis and treatment of enlarged prostate, or BPH.

A man’s prostate continues to grow over time. Eventually, it can become large enough to put pressure on the urethra. As the urethra narrows, it’s possible to experience:

  • A weak urine stream
  • Difficulty starting to urinate
  • Inability to fully empty the bladder
  • A urine stream that starts and stops
  • Increased urgency to urinate
  • Urinary incontinence
  • More frequent urination at night

Your risk of developing BPH may increase if you:

  • Have a family history of BPH
  • Are over 50 years old
  • Have erectile dysfunction
  • Are carrying excess weight

You can try to manage mild BPH symptoms at home. Remember to:

  • Limit your intake of liquids at night
  • Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine
  • Control your weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising more

Lifestyle modification including the tips listed above can help, but you may need the help of an expert urologist. There are several treatment options your urologist may recommend, including:

  • Alpha-blocker medications to relax prostate and bladder muscles
  • 5-Alpha reductase inhibitor medication to block the production of DHT, a hormone that causes prostate growth
  • Combination medication therapy, using both alpha blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors
  • Laser therapy to remove excess prostate tissue
  • Surgery to reduce the size.

To find out more about the diagnosis and treatment of BPH, contact us to arrange your consultation with one of our specialists.