Orchid’s annual Male Cancer Awareness Week gives us the opportunity to highlight essential health awareness messages for men at risk of testicular, prostate  or penile cancer.  With low awareness of male cancer and the number of men diagnosed each year rising, the annual campaign is more important than ever.

Each year we highlight health messages about the three male specific cancers to improve awareness and give opportunities for men, families and healthcare professionals to learn about male cancer and improve their understanding of the signs and symptoms.  Through the promotion of our services and resources we hope men and their families will gain a better understanding of where to go for help and treatment.

Orchid’s Male Cancer Awareness Week ran from 13th to 19th September 2021. Whilst it was a platform to highlight the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of all three male-specific cancers, the Week had a particular focus on penile cancer for the first time ever. Once again, the delivery of the Week was mainly digital in response to the ongoing COVID-19 environment. A new animated video called My Penile Cancer Journey was launched which reached around 108,000, mainly via social media, and which helped introduce people to the disease and the need to seek help quickly if concerned. The video can be viewed here.

The Week led onto the first International Penile Cancer Awareness Day September 20th which Orchid created, and on which Orchid held a virtual conference for health care professionals and survivors.

Male Cancer Awareness Week 2022

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