Our very own Mr Arie Parnham is part of this year’s faculty which is currently taking place in Florence, Italy.

The goal of this educational project is to offer young surgeons a concrete tool to acquire highly professional skills in the field of andrological surgery.

The format provides for the involvement of selected world-renowned doctors who will perform highly complex surgical procedures, lectures and clinical case discussions during the two conference days.

The event’s objective is to conduct full training. By attending the course attendees will acquire a precious wealth of practical and theoretical notions of the andrological patient with a specific focus on the surgical aspect. This will encourage a different approach in future training and in the interpersonal relationships with other Members.

Male genital surgery is a field of great scientific interest, in fast and continuous evolution. The scientific program focuses on LIVE SURGERY (3 parallel operating rooms). The most recognized experts in the field will be invited to operate live from the Hospital’s Operating Rooms and will share their operating strategies with colleagues and participants. The most interesting technical aspects will be illustrated along with the latest technological techniques available in the field of prosthetic implants for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

The Scientific program of the Congress, however, is not limited to the communication and discussion of surgical procedures. The first and second day will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of clinical cases and to awarding the best andrological video presented, along with the keynote lectures by the main opinion leaders of the international andrological world.

The hot topics of the congress will be:

  • Aesthetic-functional penile surgery
  • Rehabilitative and surgical medical therapies in male urinary incontinence
  • New therapeutic approaches and new technologies in D.E.
  • New therapeutic approaches and new technologies in the BPH
  • Nutraceuticals in couple infertility, IPB, IPP
  • Hormone therapy in male infertility
  • Male sexology

The main goal shared by all presenters will be to encourage interaction between Operators, Moderators, Speakers with participants. Gynaecologists, Endocrinologists and Sexologists will also attend the congress as well as Urological Surgeons and Andrologists.

When you are asked to chair an event like this, Mr Arie Parnham said, “I feel privileged to be recognised for expertise in men’s health amongst other international experts”.

For more information on this event please visit the website here: http://www.masterclassinandrology.com/