Mr Gulamhusein and Mr Oates were very excited today to perform the first cases on the brand new Da Vinci XI robot at HCA The Christie Private Care.

The Da Vinci XI robot is the first fully private robot in the North of England, offering patients access to cutting edge robotic surgery and the reassurance of being cared for at one of the worlds leading cancer centres.

Mr Oates said “It was an exciting opportunity to use the new robot system and it’s advanced features will enable us to offer improved care of our patients.” Mr Gulamhusein added “The XI system allows us to offer Robotic surgery to a wider range of patients than before, improving their treatments and experience”.

Mr Gulamhusein and Mr Oates from Urology Clinics Manchester

Mr Gulamhusein and Mr Oates from Urology Clinics Manchester standing with the impressive The Da Vinci XI robot.

Loved by surgeons and patients alike for its ease of use and faster recovery times, the Da Vinci XI robot is less invasive than conventional procedures, The robotic system was originally developed by the Department of Defense for use as a robotic surgeon for the battlefield and is approved by the FDA. The system replicates the surgeon’s hand movement’s real-time in laparoscopic instruments. It cannot be programmed, nor does it make any independent decisions, but rather it does only what the surgeon inputs in real-time.

When we talk about faster recovery times, both patients that underwent the robotic surgery this week went home successfully two days after their procedure, allowing them to get back to resuming normal life as quickly as possible.

3D scan

This 3D image shows the type of partial nephrectomies Urology Clinics Manchester can undertake helped by the Da Vinci XI robot.

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