Private cancer care means that patients pay for their treatment rather than going through the NHS. At Urology Clinics Manchester we treat a number of different urological conditions including urological cancers.

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the wait time for patients with cancer in the NHS has gone up significantly. You may have already heard in the news that the waiting time is the highest it has ever been in the NHS.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or are waiting for diagnostic tests for cancer you may want to consider private healthcare. Private cancer care is done in exactly the same way, just with much smaller wait times.

How can you pay for private cancer care?

Private healthcare can be paid for in two ways, through insurance or self-funding. While we appreciate that this is not an option available for every patient, we believe that if you are able to have private health, now is the time to use it.

This will help to speed up your treatment time and also remove some of the stress from the NHS.

What benefits can I expect with Private Medical Insurance?

If you decide that private medical insurance is for you then you can expect a number of benefits. You will receive treatment in top-notch facilities without any of the waiting times associated with the NHS for any acute conditions you develop after your policy goes live.

Private Health Insurance offers access to cutting edge drugs, treatments and procedures that may not yet be available on the NHS due to cost.

This can be particularly valuable when it comes to cancer care, where the drugs and therapies involved are often very expensive and may therefore not always be licensed for use by the NHS for this reason.

Many policies also provide you with access to a second medical opinion service, putting some of the world’s best oncologists at your disposal to share their expertise regarding your treatment.

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